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Metro ECO Flue Kit

The ECO Flue Kit differs from a standard flue system due to the much higher efficiency it operates at. All flue systems need moving air between the liners to ensure the outer flue liners remain cool. The benefit the ECO Flue Kit offers is that the cooling air comes from either the ceiling cavity or from outside of the home whereas the standard flue kit draws its cooling air from the room that’s being heated.

With a Metro ECO Flue Kit your home will be heated sooner and more efficiently. Once your home is heated to your desired temperature the fire can be turned to a lower setting consuming less firewood saving you money. If your home does not have a ceiling cavity, or has a sloping ceiling, simply add the Metro ECO Option Kit which allows the cooling air to be drawn into the flue liners from outside the home instead of from your ceiling cavity.

Another performance benefit the Metro ECO Flue Kit offers is enhanced draw due to an upward vortex created by the ECO cowls vertical discharge design. This design induces updraft to the flue gases increasing draw within the flue pipe improving the performance and heat output of your wood fire.

Standard Flue Kit

Standard flue kits are very inefficient as much of the heat generated by the wood fire is drawn up between the flue liners and vented outside.

Lab testing of a standard flue system resulted in the heated air generated by the wood fire being drawn out of the home at an astounding rate of 450 litres per minute. Even worse, this lost heat is replaced by cold air being drawn in from outside at the same rate causing a constant incoming draught. This requires the fire to be operated at a higher burn rate to heat the constant incoming cold air (using more firewood). Standard flue kits are not only less efficient, but they will heat your home slower and cause you to use more firewood costing you both heat and money.

Maximise the performance of your fire

A Metro ECO Flue Kit is an efficient way of getting the optimum performance and output from your wood fire – heating your home sooner and consuming less firewood in the process.

ECO Flue Kit

The ECO Flue Kit is suitable for freestanding wood fires installed into a home with a vented ceiling cavity. Ventilation is drawn into the flue liners from the homes ceiling cavity allowing all the heat generated by the wood fire to remain inside the home.

ECO Flue Kit + Option Kit

The ECO Option Kit is an additional kit installed with the ECO Flue Kit for homes without a vented ceiling cavity or homes that feature a sloping ceiling. Ventilation for the ECO Flue Kit is drawn into the flue liners from outside the home.

Standard Flue Kit

A Standard flue kit is very inefficient as much of the heat generated by the wood fire is drawn up between the flue liners and vented outside. Wind noise may also be more noticeable as the flue liners on a standard flue kit are open to outside air.

Need help choosing the right fire?

Selecting the right size Metro fire for your home and heating requirements with correct operation and good dry fuel will provide you many years of warmth and reliable heating.

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