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Warmth, comfort and reliability

Tiny series – 11/14kW of heat output

The Metro Tiny series offers a range of clean air approved low emission fires designed for smaller homes and open areas. These compact versatile fires feature surprisingly large volume fireboxes that punch well above their weight in winter heating performance. Durable steel fireboxes deliver both radiant and convection heating. Cook your favourite soup or boil the kettle on the flat cooktop of the radiant models.

Model options available:

⊕ Clean air approved model (properties under 2 hectares)
⊕ Ultra low emission model (local council specific airsheds)

Impressive heat and performance

Keeping warm during winter is a basic need we all share, and the natural warmth, comfort and reliability of a Metro wood fire is the nicest way to keep your home warm, dry and healthy.

The Tiny series models punch well above their weight with heat outputs of 11kW and 14kW and are designed to heat up to 120/140m2 (2-3 bedroom home). 

Solid steel radiant cooktops

With a Metro fire you also have the capability to cook food and boil water which is particularly beneficial during winter and especially during a power outage.

Tiny series radiant models have a solid steel cooktop that’s perfect for cooking your favourite soup, slow-cooking a casserole, or just boiling the kettle. 

Wetback capable models

Metro wetbacks help reduce the ever increasing winter power bills for thousands of satisfied Metro owners. Enjoy the benefit of reduced power consumption and the availability of hot water during a power outage.

Tiny series models (excluding the Ultra Tiny Rad) can be fitted with a wetback to assist with water heating.

Metro ECO Flue kit

Maximise your fires performance by installing a Metro ECO flue kit. Get the best performance from your Metro fire – heating your home faster and consuming less firewood in the process. ECO Flue kits are available with either galvanised or stainless steel outer liners.

Floor protectors (hearths)

Metro floor protectors (hearths) offer a ready made solution in a range of styles and sizes that can be installed directly over any flooring substrate for quick and easy installation. Choose from a range of wall and corner configurations available in a mix of trim and tile options.

Heat transfer systems

A Metro heat transfer system perfectly partners with your fire to create a dry, healthy environment and reduce condensation and dampness in your home. Excess warm air from the living space is distributed to other rooms via an insulated ducting system to spread warmth throughout your home.

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