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Award winning design and innovation

The Metro Ambience series

Award winning design with exceptional performance and styling. Ambience models feature the innovative black glass-ceramic ROBAX® NightView which comes alive as soon as the fire is lit and begins to burn. The tinted glass-ceramic ROBAX® NightView offers a completely new experience for wood fire owners. The viewing panel not only calms the flames, giving them a darker, more natural colour, but it also makes a feature of the fire, providing a focal point for the room that will draw the eye and hold attention. When the fire is not in use, ROBAX® NightView underlines the fire’s clean aesthetic by concealing the internal firebox from view.

From the initial spark to the final embers slowly burning out, the Ambience series is the embodiment of minimalist design and smooth styling. Get the best of both radiant and convection heat from these convection fires that also generate huge radiant heat through the one piece glass front.

Model options available:

⊕ Clean air approved model (properties under 2 hectares)

Award winning design

New Zealand’s Best Awards showcase the very best of what kiwi designers and brands have to offer. The Metro Ambience series received awards in both the Consumer and Sustainability product design categories.

As a company committed to innovation and sustainability, we take pride in our recognition by the Designers Institute of New Zealand’s Best Awards.

The perfect blend of heat

Experience the perfect blend of convection and radiant heat with the Ambience Series. Featuring a one-piece glass frontage, these models not only provide impressive convection heat but also generate substantial radiant warmth.

Whether you choose the Ambie One (15kW) or the Ambie Plus (18kW), you can expect unparalleled warmth and comfort all winter long.

Benchtop installation options

The Ambience models can also be installed without the pedestal onto a custom-built base such as concrete, stone or other non-combustible material. We have ready-made bench options available for both models.

A bench installation makes viewing your fire more accessible, easier when refuelling and cleaning, and provides a practical space beneath to neatly store your firewood.

ROBAX® NightView – High burn

The special fire-viewing panel comes alive as soon as the fire is lit and transforms the flame picture by softening the brightness and liveliness of the flames.

ROBAX® NightView – Low burn

When the flames and embers burn down during the burn cycle, ROBAX® NightView calms and darkens the flames to create a more comforting atmosphere.

ROBAX® NightView – Cold

When the fire is not in use, ROBAX® NightView underlines the beauty of the fireplace by concealing the internal firebox and any soot or ash within.

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